Ozzy Osbourne Licking Wall In Salt Mine

Ozzy Osbourne in salt mine

Eat a Bat, lick a wall….who cares. Well, this time, as part of Ozzy’s reality ‘Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour, they headed off to a salt mine. They were briefed by a young employee of the mines on how much salt can be digged out of the soil and mountains. But Ozzy Osbourne, known to be somewhat different, decided he needed to lick the walls made up of salt.

Before Ozzy licked the salt of the walls, he got a chance, together with Jack his son, to operate some heavy machinery against the poor wall. Almost as if he was a tractor operator for a few moments.

Best if you watch the 3 minute video of Jack and Ozzy entering the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah. Sometimes I think to myself how life would have looked like without the Ozzyness? Enjoy the video.

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