Ozzy Osbourne in the ’90s

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After continuous touring in the ’80s, Ozzy took a bit of a break in the ’90s, taking a pause after releasing No More Tears in 1991. At first, he even announced that it would be his “retirement tour”, though thankfully that promise turned out to be short-lived.

He “came out of his retirement” in 1995 with Ozzmosis and in a truly Ozzy fashion called his next tour the “Retirement Sucks Tour”.

The ’90s are the least prolific decade in Ozzy’s career music-wise (aside from 2010, when he didn’t release anything), but turned out to be financially successful for him due to Ozzfest: an annual American music festival tour focused on metal and rock. Ozzfest turned out to be so successful, in fact, that it has expanded into Europe and even Japan in 2013.

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