Ozzy and Randy

Ozzy and Rand Rhodes

Is this the most famous picture of Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhodes ever? Almost!

Recently Ozzy Osbourne posted on his official social media how much he misses Randy Rhodes. This came when winning  the Classic Rock Honours award, Ozzy was honored for his solo album Blizzard of Ozz.

After the ceremony, Ozzy gave an emotional speech about his guitarist at that time, Randy Rhodes. He basically said that he wouldn’t be where and who he is if it weren’t for Randy.


“He was like a lightning bolt that came into my life, changed everything, he was a wonderful, wonderful guy. He was a very patient guy, he knew what he wanted to do, he was very focused and he was just a true musician. On days off when we were touring, he would get the yellow pages and phone up a classical guitar teacher and have a lesson in his room every day. He was a special guy. I kind of knew, I remember saying to someone, ‘He ain’t gonna make old bones.’ I don’t remember why I said it, but I kind of knew he wouldn’t make old bones. In the journey of life, I’m a believer in what’s meant to happen. But if I could have him back I’d love to see him again. One day we’ll meet again.”

Ozzy Osbourne

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