Ozzy Osbourne Slots – This Is What You Really Need To Know!

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Symbols of the Ozzy Osbourne Slots

What are the Ozzy Osbourne Slots?

The best of two worlds have collided: gambling and rock n’ roll. These two beasts come together in Ozzy Osbourne Slots. What could be better than the Prince of Darkness and reckless spending? Yea, nothing. 


Even if you have never screamed the words to Paranoid while going (way too) fast down the highway, you will find something to enjoy in this Gothic-stylized slot game. It could be the chance you have at winning 2,500x the stake that just tickles you pink, or it could be the classic Black Sabbath songs playing in the background. Whatever draws you in, you are sure to get hooked on this Crazy Train of a game.

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Travel into Ozzy's World of Slots!!

The first thing that jumps out about the Ozzy Osbourne Slot Machine is the imagery. The Gothic fireplace is surrounded by darkness, demons, and flashes of fire that twist and turn through Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne classics and eerie filler music. Honestly, the atmosphere is exactly where you would picture Ozzy living during the height of his career; a dark, creepy looking cave with heavy rock playing constantly. 

The graphics of the Ozzy Osbourne Slot Machine is absolutely perfect for an online slot game based on the Prince of Darkness. The symbols are all based on Ozzy’s classic iconography; think skulls, blood, bats, and crazy trains. Not to mention the stylistic images of Ozzy that are involved in the game are realistic and might make a small child scream. 


All the Ozzy and Black Sabbath hits get played while you play the game. Your blood will start pumping during Iron Man and you’ll feel the electricity during Electric Funeral. The music is sure to get into your head and while it might not make you want to bite the head off a live bat, it is sure to get you ready to buy a ticket to ride that Crazy Train!

Ozzy Osbourne slots screenshots red
Ozzy Osbourne pointing at you and laughing.


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Ride the “Crazy Train” to Winnings!

So now that you know how this machine works, are you ready to leave your boring old 9 to 5 job and take a ride on the Crazy Train? Eat a live bat? (Well, maybe just the train part.)

If a player gets the crucifix or the black rose on the first three, four, or five spins in a pay line, then the player wins 100x, 30x, or 10x of the line stake. Not too shabby. 

On the high-value symbol line, the highest value symbol you can get is a picture of the Prince of Darkness with blood streaming out of his eyes and a possessed looking facial expression. Pretty gnarly if you ask me. This symbol is worth 100x, 300x, or 1,000x the line stake. Gnarly. 

Even if you just get the symbols on their own when they do not have any payout, they can trigger bonus features and give you a boost. 

The last two symbols are the Crazy Train herself and the Devil Bat. The Crazy Train symbol is a scatter symbol, meaning that when this symbol shows up, it scatters the symbols that you already have from your previous spin, and it results in an automatic re-spin of the machine. The Devil Bat acts like a wild card and can act as a substitute for a symbol if it is needed to complete a combination.

How Do Ozzy Osbourne’s Slots Work?

Ozzy Osbourne’s Slots are an RTP slot machine, meaning that there is a payout Return To Player of 96.3%. 

Ozzy Osbourne’s RTP Slots are based on the classic Ozzy symbols that exude his Prince of Darkness persona: a black rose, a raven, a crucifix, a skull, and four different photo-realistic drawings of Ozzy himself in various poses.

Like in any slot machine, all of these symbols represent a certain value. The lower value symbols are the skull, crucifix, black rose, and raven. Respectively, they all have a different playing card suit assigned to them and worked into their graphic design somewhere within the symbol. The higher value symbols are the Ozzy pictures. Obviously.

Betting in the Ozzy Slots

The minimum stake that you can put on a spin is low, just $0.20. However, if you want to get wild like Ozzy, you can raise the value and the bet levels and play up to 50 bucks. If you want to take it even further and put even more risk, you can activate a Bonus Bet. 

If you activate Bonus Bet, it doubles the stake but can lead to bonus features getting triggered more often! 

Respins in Ozzy Osbourne Slots

But wait, there is more. Before a re-spin can occur, a Feature Spinner shows up. It spins to pick a random symbol out of all of the symbols in the Ozzy Osbourne Slot Machine. Once it has a symbol, it spins again to pick the featured power that this particular symbol will have in the respin. 

The featured power that the symbol gets will determine the outcome of a winning spin with that symbol. It could be 2x, 3x, if the Bonus Bet is not active, or 5x or 7x if the Bonus Bet is active. The best part of this symbol is that even if you do not get a winning spin if the symbol shows up at all, you get a payout from it. 

The Bonus Bet is a wild thing to activate in the game because with it, you get five free spins. If you do not have it activated, you only get four. 

So if you are not Paranoid, you should get off the Crazy Train at the next stop and try your luck against the Prince of Darkness. Test your luck to see if you will get dealt the Hand of Doom, take a chance to see if you get sent Into the Void! Go forth and tempt Heaven and Hell to see where you will get sent!

Play the Ozzy Osbourne Slots game here for free. Turn on your speakers for best experience.

Are You Even A True Metal Fan?

When Black Sabbath first came onto the scene at the end of the ’60s no one thought they’d make it big. But despite only a modest investment of Warner Bros. Records, the band was able to captivate the audiences when they started pushing the dark sound and atmosphere that captivated listeners.

These days, if we had to choose only one act to characterize the rock scene in the ’70s, then it would be Black Sabbath. If we had to choose just one person – it would be their legendary frontman, Ozzy Osbourne and If we have to choose one game, it would definitely be the Ozzy Osbourne Video Slots game! 

Get 100 Free Spins Exclusevly!

Why You Should Play Ozzy Osbourne Slots!

If you thought that the song Crazy Train was a wild ride, then get ready to have your socks blown off playing the Ozzy Osbourne Slots! This Gothic and eerie online casino slot machine has twenty fixed pay lines with five symbol reels and a three-row system! 

The graphics are all based on songs or images related to Ozzy Osbourne or Black Sabbath, making it exciting to look at and get your blood racing! 

5 Reasons to Play Ozzy Osbourne Slots

Below, let us go over why this game is unique and why you should give it a spin!

1) Bonus Bet

If you choose to activate the Bonus Bet option in the Ozzy Osbourne Slot machine, it will cost you 100% of your stake. That means that if you bet 20 cents (which is the minimum you can bet in this game), then the stake will go to 40 cents.

Although this is a higher amount, the bonuses and payouts that come with it are worth it!

2) Better Payouts

With the Bonus Bet activated, you will get bigger multipliers, bigger RTP, higher chances of getting the feature symbols, and best of all, more free spins!!

Turning on the Bonus Bet feature helps you get the big winnings. You get great wins, higher RTP, hit the feature symbols more often, and have a higher chance of winning big! What is not to love about the Bonus Bet?

3) Free Spins

Another exciting aspect of the Ozzy Osbourne Slots is the Free Spins. With the Free Spins, you have a higher chance of winning big!

When you spin, there is a chance that the Scatter symbol will show up. In the main game, the Scatter symbol needs to appear on reels one, three, and five. You can also get Free Spins if you get a Scatter symbol on the Feature Spinner during a Respin. 

If you are playing with Bonus Bet activated, you win five free spins! If you are playing at the base bet, then you win four. 

4) Bitcoin Friendly!

For those of you reading who are fans of Bitcoin and Ozzy Osbourne, you will be happy to know that you can deposit your funds and withdraw your winnings with Bitcoin. You can do this 24/7, and it is secure. We offer free support for those who might be new to this.

5) Flexible Withdraw

Online casinos are known for having flexible withdrawal and payment options since their patrons are playing at their leisure. You can access your winnings or fund your next game anytime, anywhere!

That means if you are on the bus stuck in traffic, bored at a wedding, or even waiting in line at the grocery shop, you can have a couple of spins to pass the time!


With the Ozzy Osbourne Slots, you are sure to have a wild ride. You can rock out to classic Ozzy songs, rake in your winnings, and ride this Crazy Train to the end of the line! We hope that you enjoy your online slot machine experience and play with us soon!

Betting starts at just £0.20 per spin

Well, If you're goint to play the Ozzy Osbourne Slots, then do right!
Ozzy is my childhood hero. I play the slot game while listening to the music out loud....love it!
Gustav Baranes testamonial picture
James McGilley
I like heavy metal and very much ozzy so I play the game many times for fun. Ozzy is crazy and I love him. I play on my Android when I go home after work. Super graphics!
Roman Poberezhna
I love Ozzy and love slots . I didn't think it was real until I actually cashed out $1,800. Thanks!
Lynda Merckel
Great Yarmouth, U.K